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Policy and procedure template

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Also click here to view a range of policies, procedures, job descriptions and templates from our business excellence template that you are free to use.

Some guidelines to assist you in creating a well structured "Policy or procedure"

  • A consistent structure is important. In our "sample policies and procedure template" below you will see headings that clearly identify what is contained in each section of the document. For example we have a "Tips and traps" section, this is a good for imparting historical knowledge on to the reader.
  • A consistent set of font and paragraph styles is important. This makes it easy for the reader to quickly identify what you (the author) want them to focus on.
  • Avoid jargon - use plain English
  • Remember policies reflect rules or decisions made at an executive level e.g board, ownership or management level.

Sample policy and procedure template

Policy - [eg: Our organisation will serve and focus on the following customer segments]

This policy will apply [ eg : whenever we decide to undertake any marketing or develop new business in any way].  Keep in mind that a policy is basically a decision made at an executive level e.g. board or owner of business

  • [eg : Businesses needing regular interstate large freight services] [eg: These businesses will be targeted in newspaper, internet and email marketing]. The only exceptions to this are [eg : when the business is a multi national which has special pricing rules that make it unprofitable]

  • [eg : Businesses needing refrigerated transport systems] [eg: These businesses will be targeted in newspaper, internet and email marketing]. The only exceptions to this are [eg : when the business is moving small quantities making it unprofitable]

  • [eg : add more] [eg: more info]. The only exceptions to this are [eg : your exceptions to this rule]


Action by:


[Sales manager]

  • [eg : Sends this]
  • [eg : Receives this]
  • [eg : Assigns that]


  • [eg : Emails this]
  • [eg : Obtains this]
  • [eg : Gives that]


  • [eg : completes invoice as per task entitled "Invoicing"]

Safety hazards

  • [eg: if pump is located in a confined space then make sure ventilation gear is worn]
  • [eg: older pumps have been known to shatter causing potential eye damage]


  • [eg: replace valve when motor is warm as the seal fits better]
  • [eg: more tips]


  • [eg: this type of pump has been know to block after an new valve has been replaced]
  • [eg: more traps]

Effective Date

Relevant Department

Approved by


[eg Marketing]

[eg: John Smith]

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If you would like an easier way to handle your policies and procedures then here's a quick overview on what

TKO Business Modeller can do

With TKO you can > Build beautiful manuals or a “knowledge base” style web site

Create policies, procedures and work instructions around your key departments.

Create beautiful manuals or a knowledge base style web site so that everyone knows what’s required of them.

With TKO you can build

  • Policies and procedures manuals
  • Health & Safety Manuals
  • Staff Manuals
  • Or any kind of manual you want
  • You can even export it all to a word document
  • or an easily accessible web knowledge base on a local or internet based site

Beautiful manuals and web site

With TKO you can > Organise content by department

Content is nothing without context, TKO helps you divide your business into manageable departments. Doing this helps bring a sense of clarity and purpose to your business. Create departments on the fly or from the systems manager and then create and assign content as needed.

Structured organisation

With TKO you can > Manage your team through roles

In business and in life we wear many hats, TKO helps you define those hats (e.g roles) that you and your staff need to successfully run your business.

By using TKO you can provide "Employee Manuals" or a "Knowledge base" web site with all the information they need to focus on their roles.

In business we all wear a number of hats

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